YO! Foundation

Below are some of the charities the YO! Foundation supports.

Only connect

Only Connect offers innovative rehabilitation projects in prisons, across youth justice and through our unique Membership centres in Kings Cross and White City.

Their membership model offers one single, seamless relationship from custody to community and into future prospects.

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SOS project

Now London’s largest gangs intervention project, this multiple award-winning service offers intensive support to young offenders to help them break free from gangs and weapons crime. It offers a tailored package of support for each young person to help them identify and realise alternative aspirations and goals.

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Outside Edge

Outside Edge aims to change the lives of people affected by chemical addiction through theatre and drama.
Through our work we support people affected by chemical addiction to reach and recognise their potential, find an identity and build skills and confidence in order to support recovery at all stages.
Additionally, the company provides theatre productions of new work and training for professionals.

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