The final frontier

By Jack Spurrier
May 1, 2015

Why small is the new big…

We all know that space is fast becoming a commodity – and this means that we’re all going to have to learn how to live small to some degree. Our species has always had an attachment to big spaces, but we’re here to reassure you: small space living is a giant leap forward. Here’s why.

Living small laser focuses your life

If you’re living in a large property, you’ll probably know already that it doesn’t feel like home until it’s full. That means lots of stuff – meaning a bigger spend (on top of your already super-sized property bill), and an excess of things you really don’t want or need. By living small, everything you own is humble, and necessary. You also end up spending more money experiencing life at its fullest, and not paying for filler.

Living small makes for intimate company

Even though you can all sprawl out on the sofa, there’s a certain coldness to having your pals over in a big place. In an age where we’re constantly glued to our screens, there’s nothing nicer than a get-together in a micro home; it’s up close and personal, and a rare opportunity to really connect with the people you know and love the most.

Living small means less to tidy

Enough said.

Living small boosts sustainability

The resources we use won’t last forever, and we’ve all got a responsibility to look after the planet for the future. That’s why we believe living big is a waste; heating and cooling on a grand scale means using fuel on a grand scale, and it’ll cost you more personally too. The smaller you live, the more efficient you’ll be – helping your wallet and the planet all at once.

Living small makes the world your living room

Admittedly we all crave wide open spaces from time to time – which may not be viable in a micro home. In a large home, we’ll quite often try to quench that thirst for spaciousness indoors – but that doesn’t ever really do the trick. With a ‘make-the-most-of-your-space’ mindset, you suddenly become comfortable with the city as your playground – and it’s easier to become a more worldly person.

These are just a few of the reasons we love to live small. Stay tuned for more over the coming weeks – and as always, feel free to get in touch and share your thoughts!

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