Public Speaking

February 4, 2021

What do you do when you’ve been a roadie, a stage designer, a TV executive, you’re nearing 40, running out of money, are unemployable and have a family to support? You start a conveyor belt sushi bar.


That’s what Simon did. Find out what tricks he learned along the way, and how he mastered the business tightrope whilst launching YO! Sushi, YO! Below, YO! to Go, YOTEL, and YO! Home… all with a view to one day eclipsing Virgin and Easy. Audiences have proclaimed Simon as “completely inspiring and empowering”, and describe him as an “extraordinary, ordinary guy”.

Simon explains a bit more humbly: “I talk about myself and things that happened to me in my life. And they think, ‘well if he could do that, then I could too’. It’s about inspiration.”

Simon doesn’t do a “traditional” keynote speech where he “talks” and the audience “listens”. He works in an interactive way, and the response to this from our clients is enormously positive:

‘Simon was like being in the presence of a Laurence Olivier or some grand master, and a few of his thoughts really resonated. Especially the one about being obsessed and taking a moment to reflect and think back on what it was that drove your goals as a teenager. He also seemed to transmit some kind of courage in the air that I’ve picked up.’

Simon does not use PowerPoint and in small venues can work with no amplification. Easy.

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